Privacy Policy

  • Customer personal information is very important. We have the policy to look after and maintain the highest level of internet security secret on our website.
  • We have compiled and used the information on this website in accordance with customer consent to manage satisfaction.We develop products so that customers get the most benefit.
  • This personal information means name, surname, address contact details, telephone number, E-mail, internet address, protocol (IP address), cookie, or ID of mobile communication devices.
  • We use “cookies”  technology for quick access to this site and evaluating the statistics of visiting information our products, services, and advertisements, which are general standards of the system.
  • The transmission of personal information through the processing of PC, smart Device to operated on so that the customers have accepted the rights and ownership of PRAANBead. We have the best protection system to protect the general personal information secrets. But if the data is lost or damaged by data theft from this website. We reserve the right to deny total responsibility.
  • We will be sent information about new products, made-to-order products, new promotions by E-mail offer for our customers. However, customers can reject such notification at any time.
  • We have a policy of not selling, renting personal financial information of the customers in all cases with any person or financial institution. Therefore, all the information will belong to the bank and financial institutions that provide services only.