Bright Violet Crystal Stopper Charm


Add a touch of luxury and vibrancy to your bracelet with our Bright Violet Crystal Stopper Charm. This stunning charm features a faceted, bright violet crystal, capturing the light with every sparkle.

Bright violet is associated with:

  • Luxury and wealth: A touch of elegance for your bracelet collection.
  • Intelligence and intuition: Perfect for those seeking to enhance their mental clarity.
  • Calming and relaxation: The beautiful violet hue can promote a sense of peace.

This charm is more than just beautiful; it’s believed to hold powerful crystal energy, bringing vitality to your day. The stopper design allows for a secure fit on most charm bracelets.

Incorporating a Bright Violet Crystal Stopper Charm into your bracelet adds a pop of color and a touch of luxury. It’s also a perfect way to represent your intellectual side or desire for calmness.

The stopper is glittering from faceted cutting inside and contains silicone to keep another charm not to falling out of the bangle.

*1 set = 1 couple *

** The silicone rubber can be removed to use as a spacer (2 in 1). The stopper fits for open smooth bangle style only. **

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