Dolphin Blue Crystal Stopper Charms


Traditionally, pastel colors are associated with femininity and motherhood. It is therefore often used to decorate children’s bedrooms. The youthfulness of pastel colors also extends its association with casualness, playfulness, optimism. and cheerfulness.
Dolphin Blue Crystal Stopper Charms is calm and soothing. according to color psychology, Most shades of blue are considered calm due to their resemblance to the sky and ocean. The gentle nature of pastel blue means it tends to make a special impression.
Stopper charm gemstone Inspired by the beauty of the powerful gemstone power to add more vitality.
The stopper is glittering from faceted cutting inside and contains silicone to keep another charm not to fall out of the bangle.

*1 set = 1 couple *
** The silicone rubber can be removed to use as a spacer (2 in 1). And the stopper fits for open smooth bangle style only. **


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