Foresta​ is​ a​ Green Agate stone​ with​ a​ color​ shade​ of​ a​ cool​ tone reflecting forest​ nature.​ Not only​ is​ it​ very​ beautiful, but​ it​ is​ very​ special​ in​ the​ fact​ that​ it’s​ also​ be​ called​ the stone​ of​ improves mental and emotional flexibility.  Green agate maintains a highly polished surface and is scratch resistant. Wearing​​ Foresta​ with​ other​ beads​​ on​ your​ bangles makes​ your​ day​ much​ better.​

*** Note: Charm made from natural stones, colors and patterns will vary from each Charm ****

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