Kanya Midnight Blue

Search for​ the​ glass​ heart​ of​ Kanya​ with​ us.​ ‘Hers’​ is​ discreet​ and​ cautious.​ She​ is​ also​ aesthetic​ and​ loves​ writing​ magical romance novels.​ All​ of​ her​ novels​ make​ everyone​ wants to​ keep​ following​ every new​ episode​s.​

The​ Charming​ Kanya​ Heart​ is​ made​ of​ Midnight​ blue​ color​ clear​ glass,​ surrounded by​ an​ ivy​ pattern​ that​ is​ made​ with​ Sterling Silver.​ The​ heart-shaped​ charm​ faceted​ cut​ on​ the​ inside​ and​ outside especially​ increases the​ Kanya Heart​ to​ be​ more​ dazzling.

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