Lapis Scallop Charm


The Lapis Scallop, also known as the Blue Scallop, is a truly unique Lapis gemstone-style jewel. Its vibrant blue hue captures the eye and evokes the beauty of the ocean and the sea. It is the perfect choice for summer wear and vacations, as its bright colors draw attention and reflect the splendor of the marine world. Wearing a Lapis Scallop can bring a sense of relaxation, peace, and joy to the wearer.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Lapis Scallop is also believed to possess protective properties for travelers embarking on journeys by sea. It is said to promote safe and smooth sailing, ensuring a pleasant and worry-free voyage.

*** Note: Beads are made from natural stones, colors and patterns will vary from each bead ****
** Bracelet or Bangle is not included. **

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