PRAAN Peace Star Bracelet


Peace Star Bracelet

The night of dreams, I was looking out through my bedroom window watching the scenery of the night. A minute or two later I saw an incredible sight, many shooting stars falling from the night sky. I look at the amazing sight that happened in front of me, admiring how beautiful the shooting stars were. I quickly pull my hands together and wish upon the stars for Peace to come to the other side of the world. After the last star shoots, I throw myself off to bed having dreams.

The next morning when the sun bathed the buildings with its warm light. I wake up from sleepiness seeing sunlight shining on my face. Then I feel the light reflect from my bedroom window to something on my wrist. I quickly turn my face to where the light shone, I suddenly saw A Shooting Star of Peace on a T-Bar bracelet there. It is a magnificent symbol of the Star of Peace.

** Beads are for advertising purposes only. Not included in the bracelet set **
*** We don’t recommend using stoppers of any brand on this bracelet. This bracelet is compatible with the snap lock or clip lock Pandora style. ***

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