Silver Auroras


The aurora borealis is a remarkable natural phenomenon. And fascinates everyone who meets It can be said that “Northern Dawn” The multicolored veil of light that appears in the Northern Hemisphere can be seen at night. According to legend, some civilizations hold Auroras like a lighted pathway to guide spirits that depart to heaven.

Aurora can have different colors. Some atoms produce different colors. In other words, the color of polar light depends on whether the electrons collide with oxygen or nitrogen and have different powers. The change in energy gives a specific wavelength. When it is normally green light, oxygen emits green, yellow, or even red light. Nitrogen, on the other hand, produces a bluish light. If these colors blend together, it produces purple, pink, and white.

***Note: Murano glass is craftsmanship, so not all glass beads are the same size. And the color is not the same and the patterns of the beads are similar, Therefore, glass beads will be slightly different in each bead.***

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