A woman walks past a glass showcase in a famous jewelry store. She walked over to look at each piece of jewelry in a clear display cabinet. She didn’t show any interest in this jewelry, she thought, ‘It’s just simple jewelry, nothing special or exciting at all so she just walked past. Until she caught sight of a bead. She walked over to look at the bead. and felt that it was special, the colors of the pattern arranged in a different oblique iconic, including Iris purple, Magenta pink, Lemonade pink, and Lemon yellow. This bead is a Mosaic bead that reflects the light in the room. It makes her look sparkling and intriguing. She looked down at the name that was engraved beside it and read, ‘ Sonya was a name that really fit this bead ‘ And then she wears it every day because she loves this bead so much and likes how it reflects on the light beautifully.

*** Note: Mosaic is handmade, so the colors are not the same and the patterns of the beads are similar because small pieces of the mosaic are made from natural MOPS. ***

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