Vintage Suitcase Charm


The two suitcases symbolize Phileas’ ambition and determination. Fox wants to win a bet to travel around the world in 80 days.

Throughout the journey, two people’s suitcases faced many obstacles. Whether it was stolen, destroyed, or even drowned, these two were able to successfully travel around the world with the help of their trusty suitcases.

The suitcase in the novel 80 Days Around the World is therefore more than just a simple object. Rather, it is a symbol of ambition, determination, and friendship.

Embrace the thrill of discovery with this vintage suitcase charm your trusty companion on countless adventures. The timeless silhouette exudes charm, while adjustable straps and cushioned corners ensure comfort on every journey. An Art Deco-inspired design graces the front, featuring a map stamp and check-in point to chronicle your globetrotting exploits. On the bottom, “Explore the World” is etched in a captivating invitation, while a dangling compass at the back whispers of uncharted destinations waiting to be unearthed. Every step with this treasured piece is a promise of exhilarating possibilities.

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