Pink Opal Heart


Warm morning, how are the signs that spring is coming, how can I feel refreshed? The winter snow has disappeared completely. My pink heart is the same color as the pink opal that has become even more pinkish. Full of love and hope to admire the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Around me are filled with beautiful flowers when you go again with my family. It hasn’t increased at all since last year and the moment I have waited anxiously and hopefully, the last year is the worst. And a fresh start with grace, love, and hope, and the cherry blossoms that will bloom in a few weeks. It reminds me of the legend of the fairy-tale princess that descended from the top of the mountain so that the flowers bloom in front of everyone, full of love and fulfillment.

*** Note: Beads are made from natural stones, colors and patterns will vary from each bead ****

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